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Why the Glass Is Truly Half-Full

An Abundance Mentality

‘Karen and Jay discuss the power of positive thought and how it can shape your destiny.’

We each have a choice. It’s all about how we choose to see the world. And, how we choose, makes all the difference. For good, or for bad. For positive or negative. It’s up to you. It’s the most important decision you will ever make.

Back in the late 80’s, there was a book written by an author named Stephen Covey titled ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.’ In this book, Covey coined a term that has become widely recognized as helping people improve their personal, professional, and even spiritual outlook on life. That term is called the ‘abundance mindset’. The abundance mindset is a philosophy of sorts, a belief that there are enough resources and successes available to share with others. In simpler terms, it’s like looking at a glass half full, rather than half empty. It’s exuding happiness or gratitude despite circumstance. It’s using any moment, good or bad, as a learning experience, looking at the things that went right rather than those that went wrong.

Certain experiences tend to shape us into believing how the world works or functions, leading us to have either an abundance mindset, or in contrast, a scarcity mindset. What we don’t often realize is how powerful the mind is in shaping our reality. When we believe in ourselves regardless of circumstance, we often achieve what we set out to achieve. When we don’t, or we think the odds are stacked against us, or we believe we don’t have any choice, we tend to underperform, or not do anything at all. Think about any time in your life when you set out to achieve something and did? It was likely because you believed you could do what you aspired to every step of the way. This is the basis of the abundance mindset.

Admittedly, it’s not always easy to change mindsets or always maintain an abundance mindset in certain situations. Even as someone who truly believes in the power of positivity, I too find myself having moments where I waver. However, taking time to recognize the types of thoughts you might be having about a specific situation or set of circumstances is an incredible first step anyone can make to consciously choose abundance over scarcity. If you ever feel like you’re looking at something as ‘glass half empty’, ask yourself whether your thoughts are based in fear or scarcity and then how you can shift your mindset to think more abundantly. These internal dialogues help not only because they train your mind to think positively over time, more importantly they also help you understand that your mindset is yours to choose, no one else's. As one of my favorite quotes goes, the secret to having it all begins by believing you already do.

Help Us Win $25,000 for Newport Dogs!

Do you love dogs? We have an exciting opportunity and are asking for your help. Our hometown, Newport, just became a Finalist to win $25,000 for a new Dog Park. The Award will be given to the community that gets the most votes. To vote and help us win our Dog Park, please click on this link. Very simple:

We are a bit of an ‘underdog,’ as we are up against some pretty big ‘towns’ e.g. Washington, DC, Detroit, Michigan, Columbus, Ohio. Nonetheless, we are confident that our great Newport and New Hampshire spirit can carry the day.

Please note that you are permitted to vote once every day between now and August 31st and can vote from each of your email addresses. Winner will be awarded based on the greatest number of total votes. So, please ‘vote early and often!’ Thank you very much for your enthusiastic help!

Our Great Country Fairs are Back!

Believe it or not we are in the last full month of summer and here in New Hampshire that means the beginning of ‘fair season.’ Fairs took a big hit during the pandemic as they were cancelled (many for the first time in over a century) for safety reasons. This will bring a much-needed boost to our local economies. But, in truth, fairs have always provided a needed community event for many of our small towns. They are a great way to get the kids to put the phones down and focus on family and each other with some activities outside of the normal routines. Fairs are also community building exercises as towns must work collaboratively with numerous groups throughout the town or city. There is typically great excitement as people prepare to put on these large functions that tend to bring in an influx of outsiders from across the state and truly from around the country. As we emerge from the pandemic, is fairs are coming back, and we are likely to see a huge resurgence of people seeking them out.

The Deerfield Fair for instance (the biggest fair in New Hampshire) is expecting a near record crowd of over 100,000 people! The Deerfield Fair was one of the fairs that was shut down last year during COVID, which was only the second time the fair was not held in its 144-year history. But, like many fairs across the country, the Deerfield Fair is BACK, and I am sure it will be the best one yet!

Positive Profile of the Week: Joe Emmons

This week we are delighted to highlight a terrific friend and major contributor to our New Hampshire community. Joe Emmons of Easterseals.

At 39 years of age, this young man has already made a major positive difference for society. A Saint Anselm grad, Joe and his family reside just up the road from his alma mater, while his Easterseals office is located nearby, close to downtown Manchester.

Joe has been a leader in the organization in so many ways. Joe is the Chief Development Officer where he has helped grow the organization’s overall development program. But, has also done so much more. He has brought energy and enthusiasm to the Veterans Count Program. No matter what event Easterseals is hosting, you are most likely to see Joe working, supporting his teammates, and ensuring all 100 percent is delivered.

And, it’s more than just Easterseals for Joe. He is a pillar in our community and is always there to support other charities. He has a heart of gold and passion to support those in need. Year after year, I see Joe at events for Chambers of Commerce, CHaD, March of Dimes, veterans’ organizations, schools and more.

We are indeed fortunate to have Joe’s leadership and efforts in our community and are honored to know him as a wonderful friend.

Quotes: Abundance

I have an Abundance Mentality: when people are genuinely happy at the successes of others, the pie gets larger.” -Stephen Covey

“The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.” -Marianne Williamson

“Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more; if you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough.” -Oprah Winfrey

“The fastest way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into you personal experience is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there.” -Esther Hicks

“Abundance comes from within. It comes from thought, intention, attention, and expectation.” -Deepak Chopra


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