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About The Sunshine Initiative

One idea turned into something much bigger

Our Story

The Sunshine Initiative, founded by Jay Lucas, is a non-profit organization that seeks to bring small towns and communities together through collaboration. Lucas founded the initiative in his hometown of Newport, New Hampshire, with the goal of revitalizing the area. Since its founding, the initiative has grown tremendously, branching into new communities across the state of New Hampshire.


The Sunshine Initiative works to build bridges between small towns and their citizens. It focuses on fostering collaboration between local businesses, organizations, and individuals to promote economic growth, create job opportunities, and build community pride. The initiative also works to develop and provide educational resources to help small towns take advantage of new and existing opportunities.


The Sunshine Initiative has had a great impact on small towns in New Hampshire. Through its network of collaboration, the initiative has helped to create jobs, attract new businesses, and increase local investment. The success of the initiative has led to plans to expand into other communities across the country.


The Sunshine Initiative has made a significant impact on the lives of many people, and its growth is a testament to Jay Lucas' commitment to making a difference in small towns. As the initiative continues to expand, it will no doubt continue to bring communities together and create a brighter future for all.

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