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Can Do’ Optimism and the Spirit of Giving

Thursday, December 13th, 2018

Quoting the inspirational pastor, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale: “Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t, you’re right.” The power of belief is the launching pad for so many great things – and certainly as we find ourselves in the Christmas season – we are also in the season of giving. To the extent that we truly believe we ‘can’ help others, we muster up the energy to do so – to share and give of ourselves.

And, taking the first step in the journey is often the hardest, but unquestionably the most important. Thankfully, we have come to know some real believers in the ‘can do’ approach and who have had the courage to take the first step.


Swim with a Mission

With this in mind we thank Phil and Julie Taub, who founded ‘Swim With A Mission’ several years ago. They have a love for lake living, swimming and a deep respect for the freedom we are so fortunate to enjoy here in America. Also, a deep sense of gratitude for those who protect our freedom. To take the first step and take action, they have created an organization. They raise large amounts of money hosting a spectacular event each summer at Newfound Lake -- highlighted by amazing demonstrations performed by a contingent of Navy SEAL’s. And, then generously sharing the contributions with other veterans organizations in New Hampshire.

Just last week, ‘Swim With A Mission’ made a contribution with a total value of $50,000 to Children of Fallen Patriots. This generous act of giving will help eight young people – who have lost parents in active military service – by providing the required funds to pay for college. By taking the ‘first step,’ Phil and Julie and their great team of supporters are making a true difference in these families’ lives.


Great Friends, Great Mission

And, likewise, Kate Baker. Kate works tirelessly spearheading a terrific innovative organization whose founding principle is also about ‘giving’ – and also about freedom – but in a different way. The Children’s Scholarship Fund – NH provides scholarships to low and middle income families who are in need of educational alternatives and special needs – but cannot afford the cost. CSF-NH helps by paying for such options as charter and private schools and home schooling. Allowing hundreds of families to have the freedom to choose the best pathway of learning for each individual child. And, the program is truly ingenious –allowing businesses and individuals to donate to the program and get a tax savings of 75 cents on the dollar to credit against their state business and interest and dividends taxes. Absolutely love the ‘can do’ and enthusiastic spirit that exudes from Kate Baker as she builds positive momentum for this great program.


Newport Christmas Party

In a spirit of ‘Thanks’ – we are also celebrating Year One – for the Newport Sunshine Initiative – hosting a Christmas Party for families and kids in Newport. In less than twelve months, we are making great progress in revitalizing one of America’s great small towns and generating a sense of ‘can do’ optimism. Newport is on the move…. And looking forward to a holiday celebration with refreshments, games, Christmas music and of course, Santa Clause.


Quote of the Week:

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchhill


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