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Advance Confidently to Your Success!

Karen and Jay describe the vital role that confidence plays in achieving success!

Confidence is key.  If you want to succeed you need to have unquestionable confidence in your ability to achieve an outcome. You need to know at a very deep level that there is no other outcome that is even remotely possible.  You must have total conviction in your subconscious mind - permeating every fiber of your being. The notion of doubt or failure cannot be allowed to even enter your mind.  If it does, your power will be weak and your ability to succeed will fail to appear just when you need it the most.


I love the famous quote by Henry David Thoreau:


   “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.’


Confidence plays a pivotal role in our ability to succeed, serving as the driving force behind our actions and decisions. It acts as the catalyst that propels individuals to take risks, embrace challenges, and pursue their goals with determination. Without confidence, self-doubt can easily creep in, hindering creativity and stifling ambition.

The belief in one's capabilities not only shapes our mindset but also influences how others perceive us, fostering trust and collaboration. This psychological aspect is crucial in various aspects of life, from personal relationships to professional endeavors.

Historically, the tale of Thomas Edison provides a compelling example of the power of confidence. Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, faced numerous failures before achieving success. His unwavering confidence in his abilities and his belief that each failure brought him one step closer to success fueled his perseverance. In this case, confidence served as the bedrock for Edison's resilience, allowing him to transform setbacks into opportunities. This historical anecdote underscores the idea that confidence can be a driving force during adversity, enabling individuals to navigate challenges and ultimately achieve success.

The concept of "self-fulfilling prophecy" underscores the psychological impact of confidence. When individuals believe in their capabilities, they are more likely to invest time and effort into their pursuits, increasing the probability of success. This positive feedback loop reinforces the importance of cultivating and maintaining confidence. It becomes a self-reinforcing mechanism that not only shapes our perceptions of ourselves but also influences how we navigate challenges, setbacks, and triumphs.

Confidence is the catalyst that propels us to pursue our dreams, embrace challenges, and ultimately achieve success. It influences not only our individual mindset but also our ability to inspire and collaborate with others. As we navigate the complexities of life, understanding and harnessing the power of confidence becomes essential in unlocking our full potential and realizing our aspirations.

Our Confident New England - The Birthplace of Revolutions! 

The New England spirit—a blend of education, entrepreneurship, industrial innovation, a thirst for liberty and most of all an unwavering confidence — has consistently propelled revolutions and opportunities, leaving an indelible mark on the history and development of the region and the nation as a whole. The common thread throughout these revolutions is the New England spirit characterized by resilience, innovation, and a quest for progress.  We New Englanders have consistently had the confidence to embark on revolutionary quests!


When you think about it, New England has been a pioneer in education since the establishment of Harvard in 1636, America's first university. The region embraced the importance of education, creating a foundation for future innovations. This spirit of educational advancement led to a well-educated populace, fostering critical thinking and innovation, which later fueled other revolutions.

Business and Entrepreneurial Spirit: 

New England's early economy relied on trade, fishing, and agriculture. The region's enterprising spirit spurred growth in shipping, leading to a robust maritime trade. The establishment of mercantile networks and trading routes laid the groundwork for a burgeoning business community, showcasing New England's entrepreneurial drive.


And as the 19th century dawned, New England became the cradle of the Industrial Revolution in America. Factors like access to raw materials, a skilled workforce, and a culture of innovation propelled the region's transformation. Textile mills, powered by waterways and later steam engines, revolutionized manufacturing. This industrial prowess created jobs, wealth, and technological advancements, further reflecting the innovative character of New England.


And today, we are leading revolutions in biotech, finance, defense, entrepreneurism, and so much more.


Most important, New England played the pivotal role in the American Revolutionary War. And please never forget that the first shots of the American Revolution were fired in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1774.  The region's spirit of independence, rooted in principles of self-governance, fueled the resistance against British colonial rule. Events like Portsmouth, the Boston Tea Party and battles like Lexington and Concord showcased the determination, resilience and the confident spirit of New Englanders in fighting for their beliefs and liberties.

Today, that ‘rock solid’ Yankee confidence still lives in our cherished New England.  We are proud of our heritage, excited about the challenges that lie ahead – and most of all, confident in our ability to shape a bright and beautiful future.  

Granite State Confidence – Start-up Ventures in the Land of ‘Live Free or Die’

In the realm of startups, New England, and especially New Hampshire, epitomizes a culture of boldness that encourages entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and believe in their visions. The environment for startups in the region is characterized by a collective mindset that champions going bold and pushing the boundaries of innovation.  We have an incredible ecosystem in the Granite State – but even more so, a spirit that energizes and exudes a confident optimism that propels us forward to success.

This ethos is exemplified by startups like Project Happy, Pristine Surgical, Rogue Space Systems, Kikori, Spoton Fence and SportsVisio each carving a unique niche in their respective industries. And, of course, we can’t forget Mikros Technologies, whose Claremont-based team won last year’s NH Product of the Year! These companies not only embody the spirit of risk-taking but also showcase the diversity of ideas thriving in the New Hampshire startup ecosystem.

As York IE, based in Manchester, NH, says on its website - ‘Good companies enrich communities,’ and we couldn’t agree more. York IE has built a vertically integrated next generation company that acts as an extension of a startups team and helps them grow. And as their CEO and Managing partner Kyle York says “We’re not chasing paper unicorns. We’re committed to working with entrepreneurs and helping them solve customer problems and create real-world value.  


Fueling the ambitions of startups in New England is Launch NH, an organization dedicated to providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Launch NH serves as a catalyst for turning entrepreneurial dreams into reality, fostering an environment where bold ideas are nurtured and supported. The organization's commitment to empowering startups reflects the broader ethos of New England, where going bold is not just encouraged but celebrated as a fundamental aspect of the entrepreneurial journey.


Jeremy Hitchcock is a Partner at New North Ventures which is a venture capital firm whose mission is ‘Resilience, National and Economic Security and the Immediate Need for Action.’ They invest in companies that create asymmetric, venture-scale advantage in the midst of a global power competition for technological leadership.


The UNH Entrepreneurship Center run by Josh Cyr serves as a dynamic hub for nurturing entrepreneurial talent and fostering a culture of innovation. Through mentorship programs, workshops, and networking events, the center plays a vital role in connecting startups with resources and expertise essential for their growth and success.


Tech Alliance, an organization that serves as a hub for technology-driven companies. Through resources, networking, and advocacy, the NH Tech Alliance reinforces the idea that believing in oneself and focusing on one's dreams are integral components of startup success in the region.


Amidst this dynamic startup ecosystem, Stay Work Play is a valuable and important organization that promotes New England as an ideal place for young professionals to build their careers. By showcasing the unique opportunities and quality of life in the region, Stay Work Play contributes to creating an environment where individuals not only pursue their dreams through startups but also believe in the potential for personal and professional growth within the community.


In essence, New England's startup landscape is a testament to the boldness inherent in the region's entrepreneurial spirit. The many venture capital and other organizations helping startups collectively create a supportive environment, where going bold, focusing on dreams, and believing in oneself are not just encouraged but essential components of the entrepreneurial journey.

Positive Profile of the Week - Kelly Dyer – The Confidence to Live Her Dreams!

This week we are delighted to highlight Kelly Dyer - a leader in our Granite State community who has the courage and confidence to live her dreams – and does so in so very many ways.

The Henry David Thoreau quote about going confidently in the direction of your dreams and living the life you’ve imagined, immediately conjures up the thought of Kelly Dyer. Some might hear that quote and picture a personal challenge, to go confidently in reaching your own goals. Perhaps to be a self-made person. Many people who know Kelly might even think of her as a self-made, totally ‘self-reliant’ person, but she won’t accept that title.

While she certainly is a self-starter and gets up every day with the determination and drive of a Tony Robbins type of personality, she’ll be the first to tell you that she doesn’t do it all on her own. She recognizes the value of teamwork and always thinks of “how can this be a win-win situation, and not just a win for me?” We all have had our share of personal challenges, setbacks, and reasons to feel like giving up. If there is one thing, I have learned from her, it is when life is beating you down, find someone else worse off, and help them up. It could just be a tough day and you could just feel sorry for yourself, but who does that benefit? Find someone that needs a hug, a smile, a listening ear, a nudge in a better direction… and you’ll forget about your own problems.


In her career, Kelly helps people protect what matters most to them, with life insurance being part of that. She also supports fellow business owners and others to promote their businesses. One day, a co-worker asked Kelly if she could help spread a message. “Sure, what is it?” she asked. The co-worker said, “I need a kidney transplant and I don’t know how to get the message out there to ask someone to help”. It took Kelly a matter of seconds to process the opportunity to help a fellow human being and responded, “I’ll do it.” Her co-worker said “Oh thank you so much. You’re so good at posting on social media and talking to people”. Kelly smiled and responded “No, I mean I’ll do it. I’ll donate my kidney”. Fast forward a couple years later, and both her and her recipient are doing very well.


In fact, during the recovery from surgery, Kelly realized that one of the reasons that only about 30 women in one million (and about 19 men in one million) donate a kidney each year is because of the financial burden of recovery. You cannot legally pay someone to donate a kidney; however, in Kelly’s case, she had been successful in business and frugal leading up to the transplant surgery, so she was able to be out of work for a few weeks. Plus, her job isn’t highly physical, which would have made a return to work even more challenging. Prior to the surgery, she simply decided that she would figure out a way to make it work. Recognizing that being able to support donors in recovery could help bring awareness and possibly encourage more people to donate, she started the non-profit ‘Kidneys for Kindness.’


Whether it’s being a long-time board member for Best Buddies New Hampshire, the NH Home Builders Association, numerous business networking and women’s groups, volunteering for other worthwhile causes, completing multiple personal and professional development training, growing her business, and helping others grow theirs while serving families and businesses throughout New Hampshire and beyond (WOW!) …there’s actually more…


But for now, please take a moment to check out and keep an eye out for Kelly Dyer. She is still going confidently in the direction of her dreams, and if you’re lucky enough, she might just take you with her!

Quotes of the Week:  Confidence is Key

"With confidence, you have won before you have started."

Marcus Garvey


"Confidence is contagious. Catch it. Spread it."

Alberto Puig


"Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control."

Richard Kline


"Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud."



"Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it."



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