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How Millennials Are Making A Difference

Millennials Convene In Nashville

This past weekend nearly 75 young leaders came together for the Millennial Action Project – a conference hosted for young legislators from around the country with the purpose of inspiring young Americans – i.e. millennials – to get involved in government, politics and civic activities.  I was honored when the head of the organization asked for my support and participation.  It was truly a ‘no brainer’ as I reflected on the incredibly positive experience earlier in my life when I ran for the New Hampshire House at the age of 19, won election and then served for two two-year terms in the Legislature.

It was such a pleasure to sit down and chat with so many legislators from different states, hear their stories and learn about the unique districts they each represent. From New York to New Mexico.  From Iowa to Mississippi, these young leaders have stepped up to serve their communities, their neighbors and their states to truly make a difference.

Interestingly, while each had their special story to tell, I was struck by the high degree of similarity.  Facing similar problems, similar challenges. With legislators and their constituents from across the country all wanting the same thing – strong communities, positive, safe environments for families and opportunities for individuals to pursue their dreams and fulfill their full potential.  

Preventing Teen Suicide

Last Friday, New Hampshire took a major step forward in the prevention of teen suicide.  I am proud to share that Governor Chris Sununu signed legislation sponsored by my son, Gates, State Representative from Sunapee.  The bill, SB282, will require that schools provide training for teachers and other school personnel to help in recognizing the warning signs of suicide and assist with intervention.

This signature legislation will help combat what has become a true epidemic in our country. Too many young people live without hope and optimism and see no other way out. In fact, today suicide the is the second leading cause of the death for young people, trailing only car accidents.

Suicide is so very tragic and impacts families in a myriad of untold ways. But there is increased hope! Thanks to Governor Sununu, Gates and all of those who helped make this legislation a reality.

Millennials – Debunking The Myth: A Very Positive Generation

When you turn on the news and hear the pundits talking about millennials, very rarely do they have good things to say. Usually, the conversation focuses around personal entitlement or laziness - almost never around some of the positive things that they are doing and leading. Please enjoy this short video – that paints a very different picture - a positive view of tthis great millennial generation!

Small Town Airport Is Changing Lives Of Young People

Today marks the fifth and final day of the ACE Program, Aviation Career Education Academy, at Newport’s Parlin Field – i.e. Newport’s Municipal Airport.  Thirty young people from across New England have gathered at Parlin for this past week - learning the in’s and out’s of aviation. While the goal is to open up these children’s eyes to the career possibilities available, more than anything it provides an affordable, once in a lifetime experience to many.

When speaking with Airport Manager, Heath Marsden, last week I learned the students not only get to hear from guest speakers across the industry including drone operators, military and commercial pilots, and air traffic controllers but their days were full with real life demonstrations, ‘hands on’ projects, and amazing field trips. In fact, last year the group visited Pease Air Force base and actually got to experience what it’s like to provide ‘in air fueling – riding in the refueling plane as one jet after another pulled up to the fueling plane, connected to the fueling hose and got a full tank of fuel.  Pretty cool – and for the young people to be right there, in the plane and watch the whole thing – right up close!  

For only $50, students, children in grades 6 through 12 are exposed to a week of learning, experiencing, and possibly even imagining career goals – all thanks to the generous volunteers at Parlin Field and the incredible community of Newport. Bravo to the team at Parlin. Thank you for bringing new opportunity, an amazing experience, and most of all fun to so many of our young people!

Profile Of The Week - David Tille

We all appreciate the great work of our good friend Dave Tille does when it comes to Children of Fallen Patriots and veterans support in general, but let’s not forget the excellent job Dave is doing as the New England Regional Administrator of the U.S.Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

Dave has become a national leader in the fight to end veterans’ homelessness and is making great progress – community after community, state after state.

In addition, last week in Portland Maine, Dave launched a new housing program to assist young people who are at risk of homelessness following foster care. A great initiative.

I’m sure Secretary Ben Carson feels great pride whenever he reflects on his New England Regional Administrator. In every waking moment, it seems that Dave is fully engaged – always doing something to help improve the lives of others. 

Quotes Of The Week – Millennials

John Mackey is CEO of Whole Foods Market Inc.

“I'm very encouraged by millennials and their drive to make the world a better place.” John Mackey

“Millennials are a bit more free-spirited, more able to go into new places, to feel more assertive and fearless about trying new things.” Payal Kadakia

“One of the things I admire most about millennials is they celebrate individualism, and their singularity is encouraged. To be different is to be cool as opposed to weird.” Sutton Foster

“Millennials are more aware of society's many challenges than previous generations and less willing to accept maximizing shareholder value as a sufficient goal for their work. They are looking for a broader social purpose and want to work somewhere that has such a purpose.” Michael Porter

“Millennials are eager to make an impact, which makes them ideal for start-ups.” Neil Blumenthal


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