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Keep Showing Up!

The Power of Perseverance

Jay shares thoughts on the benefits of ‘just showing up’ and how dogged persistence can lead to un-paralleled success.

If you won’t give up – you cannot be defeated.  This is the spirit of ‘just keep showing up!’  It’s perseverance.  It’s the dogged determination that keeps you coming back – time after time.  Day after day.  Even when you don’t see results, you just keep showing up.  It’s the faith in the future that keeps you going.  And, when you do keep at it, you separate yourself from the other ninety-nine percent of the world’s population – and put yourself on the road to success. 

Persistence is key. It's about showing up, rain or shine, and putting in the effort, regardless of the outcome. Think of Thomas Edison, who famously said, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Despite countless setbacks, Edison persevered, tirelessly working towards his goals until he achieved success. His unwavering commitment to showing up, day after day, ultimately led to transformative breakthroughs that changed the course of history.

Moreover, consistency builds trust and reliability, qualities that set you apart from the crowd and pave the way for success. Consider the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, whose unmatched work ethic and dedication to his craft earned him the respect of teammates, coaches, and fans worldwide. Jordan's willingness to consistently show up, both on and off the court, propelled him to greatness and solidified his legacy as one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Resilience in the face of adversity is another hallmark of the 'just keep showing up' mentality. Take Oprah Winfrey, for example, who overcame a challenging upbringing to become a media mogul and philanthropist. Despite facing numerous obstacles along the way, Winfrey remained steadfast in her pursuit of success, showing up day after day with unwavering determination and resilience. Her story serves as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and the incredible heights that can be reached when you refuse to give up.

The advice to 'just keep showing up' embodies the spirit of perseverance, determination, and resilience. It's about believing in yourself, trusting the process, and never giving up, no matter the odds. Through the stories of Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, and countless others, we see the profound impact that persistence and resilience can have on achieving success and realizing our dreams. So, keep showing up, keep putting in the work, and trust that success will follow."  Have faith, persevere and yes, results and success will follow.

The Eagle Times - Keeps Showing Up!

For over a century, our local newspaper, the Eagle Times, has been showing what it means to show up.

When an event happens, a game is taking place, or a person of intrigue comes to town, the Eagle Times is right there to share the facts and mark the occasion. Under our new local ownership, the paper has taken a role in the community to highlight the news and businesses in the twin state area with a positive attitude.

I remember when Archie Mountain, a former reporter for the Argus Champion - a sister paper of the Eagle Times, used to come to every event in the Newport area, whether that was a 4-H show, a fashion show, an award ceremony, or a concert on the common, he was right there, and, in fact, it wasn't considered ‘an event’ unless Archie was there. That attitude has continued on with the staff at the paper, especially as trust is formed when you continuously show up, even if it is as small as a ribbon cutting ceremony at the swimming pool diving board or as big as covering issues at town meeting.

The focus of the paper is to support the community and showing up, and asking questions, and taking pictures is a fundamental part of that support. Like any industry, there have been ebbs and flows in the newspaper industry, but the Eagle Times has been steadfast in its commitment to the community. With changing times and technology, we have adapted to the emerging roles of social media and have innovate new concepts – including such innovations as doing interviews with live streaming and the promotion of local businesses through short videos.

The paper has many exciting plans for the future, and one thing is for sure, the Eagle Times will continue the legacy – in the true spirit of continuing to show up.

The Rochester Riverwalk – Persistence is Paying Off

This is a story of persistence!  It all began way back in January of 2004 when the City of Rochester along with CORE (Community Organization for Rochester Enhancement) submitted a proposal to ‘Plan NH’ for design assistance in proposing a Riverwalk to serve as the focal point in the revitalization of the downtown area. Of the 20 plus proposals submitted, Rochester was one of only three communities selected for a Charette – they must have seen the potential!

And then on a sunny Friday afternoon in Sept of that same year – CORE, City officials and community residents gathered with Plan NH and the rest as they say is history – well, not so fast! The next couple of years ended up mainly being focused on organizational issues.

Dave Walker, who was Mayor of Rochester back when the Charette was first done, was later appointed Chair of the Riverwalk in 2007 by then mayor John Larochelle. Gathering together some volunteers (Jon Batson is still on the current committee), they got to work.  

In the spring of 2007, Knowles Design, CLD Consulting Engineers and Castagna Consulting Group met with the Riverwalk Committee and some members of the City Staff including Captain Callaghan (who will also come back into the picture!) to create a Master Plan.

Then in 2011, Waste Management graciously provided $50,000 to help fund Duval Park. The plans for Duval Park were drawn up by Art Nickless from Norway Plains Associates. SUR Construction built the park – both plans and construction were done gratis!  A $5,000 donation from the nearby Club Victoire for the fountain completed this beautiful gem along the river, which was rededicated on October 4th, 2011.

Time went by and in 2018, Stacey Marchionni became Chair and was able to successfully write some grants for a canoe/kayak launch.  The committee at that time also included Jenn Marsh who is with the City’s Planning Department. The city now puts $5,000 into the budget each year to help fund small operating expenses such as replacement parts for the canoe launch along with repainting and fixing up the benches along the river which were in need of repair.

In 2023, things really began to flow as Dave Walker, now back as Chair, presented to the City Council and using some ARPA monies, the Overlook was funded. This is a major step in moving forward as it’s a very visible element of the Riverwalk. The design is out to bid, and it’s expected to be completed by the end of summer. There are discussions in play for a second canoe launch. Additionally, the city has approved monies to update the Master Plan which will include an amphitheater – really raising the level of interest in the city along with hopefully bridges.  

Bridges are a big-ticket item – and four are needed by Fownes Mill and further down river. When Steve Miller bought the Fownes Mill property, he had reserved $25k for a bond to help build a bridge but unfortunately it expired before any work could be done.

In another major step forward in 2023, the City Council has budgeted $500k for easements along the Riverwalk which is another very important step in moving toward completion. Oh, by the way, one of those helping the Riverwalk to flow is the now Mayor Callaghan. And to complement this, Brian Hettrick from the Sunshine Initiative working with Stacey Purslow and Renee McIsaac wrote the story of the Riverwalk which will be used to spread the word about the Riverwalk and also be used to help with more funding.

It's been a long time coming, but the Riverwalk Committee and the City of Rochester never gave up. They stayed the course and now are really starting to see the fruit of their labors and ultimately move towards its Vision:

"Our vision for the Rochester Riverwalk is a vibrant and inviting waterfront destination that celebrates our city's natural beauty, enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors alike, and fosters a strong sense of community and connection.”

To learn more about this amazing effort, which is going to help redefine Rochester, go to Facebook – Rochester NH Riverwalk or find us at

‘Your Town’ - Featuring our State’s Capital – Concord, NH

This week, in our continuing ‘Your Town’ series, we are delighted to highlight a wonderful community in our state. And, I suspect you may pick up a couple tidbits about this vibrant community that you may not have known. 

From the very outset, Concord, New Hampshire, holds a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1725. Originally settled as Penacook, the area served as a trading center for Native American tribes. It was renamed Concord in 1765, symbolizing the harmony between settlers and Native peoples. Concord played a crucial role during the American Revolution, then serving as the state capital since 1808.


Throughout its history, Concord has witnessed significant events and developments. In the early 19th century, it became a hub for industry and commerce, particularly in textiles, shoes, and machinery manufacturing. The completion of the Concord Railroad in 1842 further boosted its economic growth, connecting the city to Boston and other major markets.


Concord was also at the forefront of social and political movements. In 1842, it hosted the first state fair in the nation, showcasing agricultural and industrial achievements. The city became a center for the abolitionist movement, with notable figures like William Lloyd Garrison and Harriet Beecher Stowe speaking out against slavery.


During the Civil War, Concord contributed soldiers to the Union cause and supported the war effort through manufacturing. In the aftermath of the war, Concord experienced a period of reconstruction and expansion, with new industries emerging and infrastructure projects underway.  And, famously, also noted for the Concord Coach.


The 20th century brought further changes to Concord, with the rise of automobile manufacturing and the establishment of institutions like the New Hampshire Technical Institute (now NHTI Concord's Community College) in 1965. Concord also became known for its vibrant cultural scene, with theaters, museums, and annual events attracting visitors from across the region.


In recent decades, Concord has focused on revitalizing its downtown area and preserving its historic landmarks. The State House, built in 1819, remains a symbol of New Hampshire's political heritage and is open for public tours. Other notable sites include the Pierce Manse, home of President Franklin Pierce, and the Capitol Center for the Arts, which hosts performances year-round.


Concord is also home to several educational institutions, including the University of New Hampshire School of Law. The city's economy has diversified, with healthcare, education, and government sectors playing prominent roles alongside manufacturing and retail.


Concord, New Hampshire, has evolved from a trading post to a thriving capital city with a rich history and diverse economy. Its role in shaping New Hampshire's political and cultural landscape makes it a significant destination for residents and visitors alike.

Positive Profile of the Week:  Chris Gardner - The Man Who Kept Showing Up!

This week we are delighted to highlight a real life ‘success story’ – Chris Gardner – whose dogged persistence stands as a testament to the spirit of ‘just keep showing up.’  A great life story – later documented in a riveting film.  I think you’ll really enjoy.  Here goes.

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is when the hiring manager at Dean Witter says “Jay, how many times have you seen Chris?” to which Jay replies “Oh I don’t know, one too many apparently”. The movie is called The Pursuit of Happyness, intentionally spelled incorrectly, and it is based on the true story of Chris Gardner’s rags to riches life.

In the interview scene, Chris shows up without a dress shirt and with paint stains from having painted his apartment that morning. He had been arrested for failure to pay parking tickets and had run from the police station to this interview. After some basic questions about his background, he is asked “Chris, what would you say if a guy walked in for an interview without a shirt on, and I hired him?” To which Chris considered the question and answered, “He must have had on some really nice pants.”  To this, the hiring manager, Jay, and another manager started laughing, and ultimately, he was hired.

It was clear that Chris had shown them what they were really looking for in an employee. Not just the great sense of humor and making the best of a difficult situation, but the fact that he kept showing up, no matter what. He showed up every day to try to get Jay’s attention and potentially an interview. He showed up even without a dress shirt because he had no time to return home and clean up first. Once he got the job, he showed up from early in the morning until late at night, even though there was no pay initially. Eventually, he became one of the top trainees and was hired full time. He later went on to start his own firm that he sold and then started another firm.

During much of the time prior to getting hired full time, he experienced homelessness, with his toddler son in tow. When I heard this week’s theme of “Keep Showing Up”, Chris Gardner was the first person who came to mind. Having personally been involved in the financial world on a commission basis and passing my securities licenses, I was able to relate to Mr. Gardner’s “exit interview” when they told him he was hired full time. When asked “so, was it as easy as it looked?” referring to his rise from trainee to successful broker, he answered “No sir, it wasn’t”, while choking back tears.

After leaving the interview, you can hear Will Smith, who played Gardner, narrating “This part of my life…this little part…is called happiness”. He then walks outside and is but one person in a sea of people walking down the sidewalk in the city. However, you can see him clapping his hands in joy for the fact that all of his efforts, all of the times he kept showing up had finally paid off, and in a big way. Chris’s mother had told him when he was a kid “You can only depend on yourself, the cavalry ain’t coming”.  

Prior to his stockbroker career, Gardner had enlisted in the US Navy, and served for four years as a medical specialist in Camp Lejeune. In more recent years, he bought a Ferrari from Michael Jordan and created a $50 million fund for low-income housing and employment opportunities in San Francisco. Chris Gardner is a living example of what happens when you ‘Keep Showing Up.’

Quotes of the Week: Keep Showing Up! 

"Eighty percent of success is showing up." - Woody Allen


"The world is run by those who show up." - Robert Johnson


"The key is to just show up. Get there and start working. You're not going to feel perfect every day." - Will Smith


"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier


"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do." - Henry Ford


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