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Positive Energy, Teamwork and the New England Patriots

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Even Fans Contribute to Teamwork- Confessions of a True Fan:

Here’s a confession of a true fan. Have you ever felt that what you are doing, what you are thinking – as a fan while watching your favorite team in action can actually have an impact on the outcome of the game? That your positive energy can translate into what happens on the field? I’m going to guess that if you truly are a fan, the answer is ‘yes!’ You’re not really sure whether it’s the channeling of positive energy – or some force in the universe – or even just superstition. But you’re definitely not going to take a chance. You sit in your favorite ‘lucky chair,’ you think positive thoughts, etc. It’s part of being a fan. Part of doing that little bit extra for your team that you know can make the critical difference. Meanwhile, you think of that time when you failed to sit in the lucky chair or let your positive thoughts drift off into space, and disaster occurred. Very painful. Not to be repeated.

Applying this to my own experience, as a long time Pats fan, I do have to wonder whether I had some sort of impact on the Championship Game this past weekend. I watched every single play. All in the same spot. Standing up in front of the TV with nobody to bother me. Just 100 percent full concentration. Channeling positive thoughts and energy. Visioning a triumphant outcome. And, wouldn’t you know … it worked! Now, I can’t be totally sure that my behavior is what made the difference in the game. But I can’t help but wonder what might have happened if I hadn’t taken watched the game this way. So, as a result, I’m sort of thinking that I should probably take the same general approach for the Super Bowl. Makes sense, right? Which raises the question: Does anybody else think like this? And, if so, do you have any good suggestions or tips you’d like to share between now and the Super Bowl?

New England Patriots:

Absolutely incredible! Game after game, season after season – The success of the Pats goes on and on. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft – these are the central figures in the dynasty. However, the real story is the magic of teamwork.

No matter what happens in the Super Bowl – the fact that the Patriots are there once again is an amazing feat. Yet, if you look at the roster – there are very few true ‘star players.’ And, there never have been. Instead, like the ‘Boston Celtics of old,’ the genius of this formula is the unrelenting focus on ‘team’ and the positive energy generated toward ‘team’ rather than individual stats or achievement.

And, when you think about it, the Patriots practice a highly advanced form of teamwork. Yes, the goal is to beat the opposition. But the philosophy is an attention to detail that solves the problems that stand in the way of achieving a certain goal. Winning is a side effect of preparation, problem solving, and most importantly teamwork.

Now I realize that not everyone is a Patriots fan. Far from it. But no matter how you decide to cheer, you can’t help but feel a high degree of respect for the ethos. The commitment to team success – above all. And, the unparalleled record it has produced. As you think about your business, your career, the people you work with – there is likely much to be gained by asking the question: How can I apply the lessons of the Patriots’ success - positive energy and commitment to ‘team’ -- to help the success of those around me?

Coming Together – Teamwork in D.C:

In stark contrast to the world of sports, teamwork is such an alien concept in D.C. Wouldn’t it be so great to see the positive spirit of ‘team’ and ‘coming together’ materialize in our nation’s capital? The current logjam and government shutdown is just the most recent and egregious example of how the politicians in Washington just can’t seem to get things done in a positive way. The political climate has become so bitter, so divisive, so polarized.

On the other hand, what if we could transcend this negative climate? And, instead, ask the question: What could we achieve as Americans – all working as a team – all working together? The true potential is unlimited. So, let’s focus on the issues that Americans really care about and move this nation forward. Let’s do so with a positive spirit, a can-do approach – solving problems and not pointing fingers. As my son, Gates, and I heard over and over while knocking on hundreds of doors this past fall during his campaign, Americans are thoroughly tired of bickering politicians – and simply want positive energy and solid teamwork focused on addressing the true issues that matter.

Teamwork in Newport:

As the Newport Sunshine Initiative celebrates our first year, teamwork has been the key!

This great small town of 6,500 people has shown enormous sense of community and dedicated commitment to moving forward. In a recent Town Summit meeting – nearly 50 volunteer organizations all came together for an evening to share their individual missions and plans and identify ways to work together as ‘One Newport Team’ – driving success for the community.

Very proud of the work that has been achieved to date – and 2019 is going to be even so much better!

Quotes of the Week: Teamwork

Harry Truman

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”- Harry S Truman

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." - Michael Jordan

“The secret is to work less as individuals and more as a team. As a coach, I play not my eleven best, but my best eleven.” — Knute Rockne


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