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The Excitement of Full Potential!

What Is Your Full Potential?

On the eve of Super Bowl weekend, Karen and Jay discuss the excitement of reaching for your full potential and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of Tom Brady.

How exciting would it be if you could achieve your full potential? It is often said that, as human beings, we are operating at ten percent or less of our true mental potential. And, what of our physical potential? Imagine what you might be able to accomplish if you firmly believed you could achieve your full potential – and then set yourself on a course to do just that – no matter the effort, the challenges, the struggle.

This week we celebrate the story of one ‘young’ man who has set an amazing example of discipline and effort – on the path to achieving his full potential. The year was 1995 when a young high school football prospect from San Mateo, CA named Tom Brady made the decision to attend the University of Michigan and play football for the famed Wolverines. When he arrived at Michigan though, he found himself 7th on the depth chart, and for the first two years he didn’t get any playing time at all.

At one point, he considered leaving Michigan altogether and trying his luck with a different program. After some conversations with the school’s athletic director, he decided to stick it out, and in his junior year won the starting QB position. He would go on to finish third all-time at QB in the school’s history, winning the Citrus Bowl and Orange Bowl along the way and entered the NFL draft following the last game of the 1999 season.

When he attended the NFL Scouting Combine, where NFL teams assess the skills of college players looking to enter the draft, his draft stock took a big hit. His scouting report described him as, “ poorly built, skinny, lacking great physical strength, mobility to avoid the rush, lacks a really strong arm, cannot drive the ball downfield, doesn’t throw a really great spiral, system type player who can get exposed, and gets knocked down easily.” Even he admitted that his 40-yard dash time of 5.24 seconds was, “pretty awful”. The majority of teams had little faith in his ability to play football at the highest level, and his prospects for playing in the NFL were pushed to the limit.

When draft day finally came, 6 quarterbacks had already been selected by the time the 6th and final round was about to begin, and Brady wasn’t one of them. He was so embarrassed he left his family’s house. When he came back, he was surprised to find out that one team, my beloved New England Patriots, were going to take a chance on him and he became the 199th pick of the 2000 NFL draft. Even though the Patriots already had a starting quarterback, when he arrived in Foxboro, he told team owner Robert Kraft, “I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.” And the rest has been history. Tom Brady went on to lead the Patriots to 9 super bowl appearances and 6 Super Bowl Victories, win 4 Super Bowl MVP awards, 3 League MVP awards, and 14 Pro Bowl selections. And this Sunday, he will be competing in his 10th Super Bowl at the age of 43.

What Tom Brady has been able to accomplish in his career is nothing less than astounding. To think that a kid with a scouting report as dire as his would go on to be one of the best of all time (actually, GOAT) is an incredible example of the great things anyone can do when you believe in your own potential. Had he taken his scouting report to heart, he may have never pursued a career in the NFL. In his book, the TB12 method, he lays out the keys to his success, “I don’t like to focus on negatives or to make excuses. I am never a victim. I gain nothing if I get angry or frustrated. You can make life a lot harder for yourself by focusing on negative things in your path or making excuses for why things didn’t go your way.”

By taking this solutions-based approach, Tom unlocked his potential in the most incredible way. He consciously chose to focus on his strengths, what he could accomplish in the moment, keeping his priorities top of mind, while always contributing the betterment of those around him and unlocking their potential too. And the impact he’s made as a result is undeniable. “If you don’t believe in yourself, why is anyone going to believe in you?” he once said to a group of young aspiring football players. As we go into Super Bowl weekend, regardless of whether you’re rooting for TB12 or against him, let his story help you discover and unlock your own potential.

The Town of Gilford – A True New Hampshire Treasure

Gilford, New Hampshire is a beautiful town situated in New Hampshire’s famous Lakes Region on Lake Winnipesaukee. In New Hampshire terms, it is a young town at only 209 years old. The town’s name, however, is rooted in our country’s founding. Gilford is named after the Battle of Guilford Court House in North Carolina. Captain Lemeul B. Mason, who had fought in the battle, returned to what was then known as Gunstock Parish, and proposed that the town be named ‘Guilford,’ in honor of the battle. Due do a clerical error, however, the formal name of the town was shortened to ‘Gilford,’ and that is how we know this terrific town today!

Gilford has been on the forefront of what has become the area’s top economic driver: tourism. While the roots of the town were farming and logging, Gilford was early on to see the potential for the tourism in the region and was one of the first towns to start attracting tourists. In fact, the people of Gilford were so far sighted that they even produced one of the state’s first tourism brochures in 1843.

We flash forward to today and while other towns on the Lake sometimes get more attention, tourism is still thriving in Gilford, and the tourism isn’t just for summer anymore. Offering an exciting array of winter sports – from cross country skiing, to downhill skiing at the wonderful Gunstock Ski Area and of course, snowmobiling, ice fishing and more.

A wonderful fact is that Gilford produced the first American to win an Olympic downhill skiing event when local athlete Penny Pitou accomplished the feat, actually winning two silver medals in the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Gilford is truly a New Hampshire treasure. A great place to visit. A wonderful place to live.

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Who doesn't like to snack? Especially, cookies. Who doesn't like to support programs that provide opportunity for summer camps, inspire young entrepreneurs, and prepare our youth for the real world?

That's exactly why we all love that great organization - the Girl Scouts of America and their awesome Cookie Program. With over 1.7 million members and 750,000 adults involved, the Girl Scouts of America and its Cookie Program have a remarkable record of success.

I am sure the majority of us have had the pleasure of enjoying Girl Scout Cookies. During the cookie season in years past, you would see Girl Scout Troop members and their families outside of supermarkets, retail stores, and other high traffic areas, executing a successful ‘person to person’ sales program that raises money for education enrichment programs for its members. Today, due to COVID, cookie sales have gone virtual. Members of the community can support participants and troops by purchasing their favorite cookies online and have them shipped directly to their homes. I recently learned about this opportunity after seeing a Facebook post from my friend, Dr. Wayne Lesperance. His daughter is a New Hampshire Girl Scout and doing her part for her troop as members have before her.

In fact, the cookie sales program dates back to the early 1900’s, when a local troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma began baking cookies themselves and sold them in the community. By the 1930’s, scout leaders took notice and the National Girl Scout headquarters launched the program we know today, and in just one year, 125 local Girl Scout organizations participated in the cookie program, thanks to the partnership of bakeries and cookie production companies.

In 1951, while so many other remarkable, iconic things were happening in America – such as the premier episode of ‘I Love Lucy,’ the first ‘coast to coast’ direct telephone call, and as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ hit the big screen, 1951 also saw the creation of the beloved Thin Mint cookie, which is the #1 selling cookie by the Girl Scouts.

The Girls Scouts have been visionaries when it comes to promoting their yearly cookie drive. To mark the 100th anniversary of the Cookie Program in 2017, the Girl Scouts set up shop and sold cookies to people on the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards.

Girl Scouts across America have always risen to the occasion and challenged themselves. They channel their inner spirit to accomplish their goals despite the odds in front of them.

Times are a bit different this year but let us not forget the small treats in life, especially Girl Scout Cookies. If you haven’t gotten your order in yet, consider getting a box or two by clicking here.

Positive Profile of the Week: Chuck Massahos

We are tremendously grateful and thank all those in law enforcement who serve, protect and keep our communities safe. With this in mind, I am so very delighted this week to highlight a true leader in the law enforcement community. A wonderful friend of mine and a friend to so many. Rockingham County Sheriff Chuck Massahos.

Sheriff Massahos has nearly 30 years of Law Enforcement experience. In 2018, the people of Rockingham County elected Chuck to the post of Sheriff, where he has brought new and innovative approaches to executing the roles and responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Office. You see, Chuck is a businessman, a community man, and a straight shooter. Someone who never backs down from helping those in need. To Chuck, it’s not about politics or headlines, or egos, it is all about protecting and serving!

A 40-year business owner, Sheriff Massahos is known as the ‘go to guy’ in the community. When someone wants to learn the skills of becoming a mechanic, Chuck finds them a job in his garage so they can learn this important trade. When high school clubs need to raise money for new uniforms or equipment, Chuck makes his properties available for fundraisers and car washes. He is someone people can always rely on. It's no surprise that he won election overwhelmingly in 2018 and was easily re-elected in 2020.

As Sheriff, Chuck has brought a professional approach to the organization. He has assembled a team of the best law enforcement experts and has challenged his department to be innovative, creative, and to make the county safer.

Meanwhile, his generous efforts on behalf of the community have not diminished. Despite the long hours and the demands of running his department, Sheriff Massahos continues to find unique ways to contribute.

I remember attending an event to support the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth. During the live auction, a Sheriff badge appeared on the screen and every child’s hand rose as well as few adults. Chuck Massahos organized a chance so a special individual could be Sheriff for a Day.

Sheriff Chuck Massahos is implementing positive change in his department, community, county, and state. As a Rockingham County resident, I am honored to call Chuck Massahos my friend - and my Sheriff!

Positive Quotes of the Week: Full Potential

“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.”

Winston Churchill

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”


“There is power in helping people get excited about what they do and inspiring and motivating them to unleash their full potential.”

Denise Morrison

“The big challenge is to become all that you have the possibility of becoming. You cannot believe what it does to the human spirit to maximize your human potential and stretch yourself to the limit.”

Jim Rohn

“Look past the exterior and see that there is so much more within. Then decide to unleash that potential to the fullest.”

Lincoln Patz


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