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When Two Minds Come Together

Getting on the Same Wavelength

‘Karen and Jay share thoughts on the magic of two minds coming together in positive spirit!’

When two people get together, sometimes there’s a synergy that magically just seems to happen. For instance, have you ever felt like you were so much ‘on the same wavelength’ with someone that you felt you knew what they were thinking? Even knowing what they were going to say before they said it? And vice-versa. Finishing each other’s sentences? When this happens, it’s as if two minds have come together and created a third mind. More powerful than either of the two minds on their own.

It reminds of a story I once heard about a little band called ‘The Rolling Stones.’ Perhaps you’ve heard of them. (Just kidding) For over 50 years, ‘The Stones have been entertaining people around the world with a sound and show only they know how to put on. Yet what is it exactly that has made them such a mainstay around the world? Well as Keith Richards put it, it’s their synergy. He elaborates for example, that he knew exactly what his band mate Charlie Watts was doing with the simple movement of his left hand. If they feel like a song needs a little pick up, the two will look at each other and “pick up the pace.” It’s almost telepathic. Almost.

Yet what few people may know is that even now, 50 years later, the band still practices together for 2 months before any tour. Their synergy comes from not only being individually talented, but working together to make sure that their innate chemistry continues to grow. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Mick Jagger shared that while each member of the band has their specific role in the band, spending the time practicing means they can leverage their roles to create something more magical than they might on their own.

It’s rare in life we meet people who we just intrinsically connect with. There might even be times that we overlook a synergy, personally or professionally, because we’re scared to act on it. But as the Rolling Stones demonstrate, it’s that synergy that can create something pretty special. So, the next time you might feel a spark with someone, don’t ignore it, explore it. When two minds come together, there is an opportunity to experience the magical synergy of creating yet a third more powerful and amazing mind!

No One Should Ever Go Hungry – Bringing the Community Together!

When the chill is in the air and the leaves start to change color, you know that the holiday season – the giving season - is fast approaching. This year, Karen, and I, along with our Sunshine Initiative family, are committed to making a difference and doing all we can to help to make sure that no one goes hungry. We are initiating an exciting Food Drive!

While traveling recently, I came across some compelling articles about food insecurity. Did you know that, according to the Department of Agriculture, nearly thirteen percent of American households with children are dealing with issues of hunger, facing the critical problem of food insecurity? That's 1 out of every 7, a startling statistic. Additionally, some children who receive free or reduced lunch on a Friday may go up to nearly 72 hours without a meal, not eating again until Monday. Obviously, this is deeply troubling – and makes us all think – what can we do in our community, in our lives – to make a difference?

After just a bit of thought, it became so very clear. We need to take action and make a positive impact right where we live. So, while we might not solve the entire problem, we decided to lead an effort, bringing the community together, to launch a food drive!

This will be a joint effort – sponsored by our great daily newspaper, the Eagle Times, and the Sunshine Initiative. Our food drive will bring organizations and businesses together, running from October through Thanksgiving. We're determining the needs of our pantry partners, putting our plans together and will soon be inviting you to join the effort.

We’re setting our sights high. Our goal is to make this one of the largest food drives Sullivan County has ever seen. In fact, I envision a scenario where the Eagle Times' Rich Girard will need a ladder to even access his office because it's filled with donated items that volunteers and generous folks will have brought to the paper’s office as a collection center. We can, we must, and we need to do this. Let’s commit ourselves to the vision that no one should ever go hungry, and I hope this food drive aids in this worthy cause.

Benjamin Franklin said it best: "Well done is better than well said." The time to take action is now, and I hope you'll join us.

Please reach out to Virginia Drye: - if you're interested in contributing, volunteering, collecting food, or offering ideas for success.

LSR’s – New Hampshire’s Unique Approach – Bringing Minds Together

New Hampshire's State House boasts a distinctive legislative process that sets it apart in American politics. An approach that ensures that our Representative’s minds have an opportunity to truly come together. This past week marked an important milestone in this process: Bill Filing, known as LSR’s (Legislative Service Request) filing week. At the core of this process is the state's "citizen legislature," where elected representatives from small districts converge to shape policies impacting their constituents. This system embodies the essence of participatory democracy (a la “Mr. Smith Goes to Concord”, if you will).

New Hampshire's citizen legislature stands as a model of dedication to public service. Unlike many states, New Hampshire provides its legislators with a modest stipend, ensuring that their motivation is driven by a genuine desire to serve the community rather than personal financial gain. This commitment creates a passionate group of representatives who bring diverse perspectives to the State House.

The small district structure in New Hampshire further enhances citizen engagement. With 400 members, the districts are small and the people that represent them are most often regular citizens as well as a number of self-styled, local celebrities. This small-scale representation ensures that constituents have direct access to their elected officials, enabling them to voice their concerns effectively. In essence, ‘any’ legislator can file ‘any’ bill.

Moreover, in the New Hampshire State House, every bill receives a vote on the House floor. This inclusive approach guarantees that even the most contentious proposals get a fair hearing and consideration during LSR filing week. This dedication to transparency and inclusivity empowers citizens to actively participate in the legislative process and holds lawmakers accountable for their decisions.

In an era of governmental skepticism, New Hampshire's governance model offers hope. The citizen legislature, small districts, and the promise of a vote for every bill underscore the state's unwavering commitment to citizen engagement and transparent governance, particularly during the significant LSR filing week. New Hampshire's State House serves as a shining example of how democracy thrives when citizens and their representatives collaboratively shape their future.

Positive Profile of the Week: Jeb Bradley - Looking for Common Ground

This week, we are delighted to be highlighting a dedicated public servant and true leader in the Granite State – Senator Jeb Bradley. When it comes to bringing people together, there is no one more effective and accomplished than Jeb!

Previously a State Representative, Bradley served five terms in the State House, where he chaired the Science, Technology, and Energy Committee.

Following John E. Sununu's decision to run for U.S. Senate, Bradley won the Congressional seat after a competitive eight-person primary race. After two successful terms in Washington, Jeb came back to New Hampshire and was elected to the State Senate, representing his hometown of Wolfeboro and the surrounding area. Previously serving as Senate Majority Leader, Jeb currently holds the #1 job – Jeb Bradley - Senate President.

As President of the Senate, Bradley shoulders significant responsibility not only for the Senate but also for the state itself. Unlike other states with a Lieutenant Governor, New Hampshire's second-in-command is the President of the Senate. Moreover, the job of Senate President is a challenging one. Given its twenty-four member composition where compromise and finding common ground is the name of the game, it’s a role that requires effective leadership, attentive listening, and problem-solving.

Beyond his political career, Jeb is a man of many interests. An avid outdoorsman, he has explored New Hampshire's natural beauty through hiking, skiing, and kayaking. Bradley's remarkable achievement includes completing 'The Grid,' where hikers ascend each of the 48 White Mountain 4,000-footers each month of the year, totaling 576 summits. His environmental advocacy unites people from various backgrounds to protect the state's natural treasures.

In addition to his outdoor pursuits, Jeb Bradley is a devoted family man. Together with his wife, Phyllis, they have raised three children, while instilling, strong family values and fostering community involvement. Jeb, we thank you for your significant contributions and most of all for your unwavering leadership in truly bringing people together!

Quotes of the Week: When Two Minds Come Together

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much." - Helen Keller "In union, there is strength." – Aesop "Two heads are better than one." - John Heywood "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." - Carl Jung "Collaboration allows teachers to capture each other's fund of collective intelligence." - Mike Schmoker


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